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2014 MAPG Sponsorships:

In lieu of required donations or entry fees for our gathering, we rely on the generosity of the woodturning / penturning community and our MAPG Sponsors to help provide us with much needed funds and products donated to make our MAPG such a success. PLEASE HELP US KEEP THIS EVENT FREE by donating to MAPG 2014.

We appreciate the time and participation all our sponsors and vendors have offered. Please keep them in mind for future projects!

MAPG 2014 Sponsors

Woodcraft of Richmond - premier woodworking store in the Greater Richmond area. Woodcraft Supply, LLC is one of the nation's oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and supplies. We thank Ray Deyo for allowing us to use the store as the MAPG 2014 venue. Please visit for more information.

Pen World - donated discount certificates and fifty copies of their magazine. Pen World covers "the universe of writing culture - new pens at all price points, vintage pens, fine papers, inks, accessories, [and] reviews." Please visit for more information.

International Association of Penturners - thanks to Jeff Brown (jeff) for providing a sticky forum to support the IAP discussions about our upcoming event and for donating $300 towards food services on Saturday.

Thompson Lathe Tools - Doug Thompson (Doug Thompson) donated a 1/8th inch parting tool valued at $55. Please visit for more information.

Perry's Pens - Thanks to Perry Bridges (papaturner) from Buchanon, Georgia, for donating various wood, pvc, and corian blanks as MAPG 2014 door prizes. We have four dozen blanks in total, including american chestnut, brazilian cherry and teak, desert ironwood, dog wood, mulberry, nandina, peach, poplar, spalted maple and oak, sapele, walnut, winged elm, zebrawood, as well as muscadine vine and other small branches and cones.

Mike Hirsch - Thanks to Mike Hirsch (Indiana_Parrothead) who donated three clear cast watch blanks - two sierra and one junior gent.

Satellite City - Glenn Hunter (SatelliteCity) donated three boxes of the HK-1 Hot Stuff Pro Kit- complete CA glue set with accelerator and debonder, valued at $39.95 each. Please visit Satellite City for more information.

Richard L. Greenwald LLC - thanks to Richard Greenwald (penmaker56) for donating a $50.00 store credit to be used on his website or at MAPG 2014. Please visit Richard L. Greenwald LLC for more information. - thanks to Roy and Dee Robaldo (OKLAHOMAN) for donating another 16 x 12 pen display box with child guard, valued at $150.00. It will hold 48 pens at an 18 degree angle to the customer for perfect viewing. Please visit for more information.

Ten Fingers Woodworking - thanks to Terry Quiram (terry q) for donating 8 stabilized blanks and 2 Celtic Knot blanks valued at $60.

Orbita Corporation - Thank you to Charles Agnoff (agnoff) for donating an Orbita Lighthouse Flashlight Set - Fiddleback (valued at $295.00), a Lighthouse flashlight kit (valued at $95.00), and a Ladylight (mini LED) Flashlight deal (valued at $95.00). Please visit Orbita Corporation for more information.

Arizona Silhouette - Thanks to Barry Gross (2bgross) for donating a $50.00 gift certificate to Arizona Silhouette as a door prize for MAPG 2014!

Fantastic Feathers - thanks to John Underhill (JohnU) for donating three Sierra Ringneck Pheasant feather blanks, three Sierra colored feather blanks, two Sierra Amherst Pheasant feather blanks, one Sierra natural feather blank, one Sierra shredded money blank, and two Sierra Prairie Rattlesnake blanks. He donated three Junior Ringneck Pheasant feather blanks, one Junior Amherst Pheasant feather blank, and one Junior mixed feathers blank. John also donated a whole boxful of IAP koozies. Please visit Exotic Blanks for more information.

Brooks Blanks - thanks to Jonathon Brooks (Brooks803) for donating fifteen of his PR blanks and five wood blanks. Jonathon will also be vending a "plethora of blanks" for this MAPG 2014. Please visit Exotic Blanks for more information.

Fred Wissen Designs LLC - thanks to Fred & Tina Wissen (PTownSubbie & MrsPTownSubbie) for donating a $50 gift certificate towards a future online purchase at or in person at MAPG 2014. They will be selling silicone casting molds, CNC pen blanks, Cholla Cactus, and other various acrylic and polymer clay blanks. Please visit for more information.

Eric's Artistic Embeds - Thank you to Eric Beuker (Buzzzz4) for sending two surprise packages of four pen blanks, valued at $56 per pack. Please visit Exotic Blanks for more information.

Fine Turnings - Marla Mills (Crickett) will be donating four Sierra feather blanks, five Sierra Chiyogami blanks, and one Aero Chiyogami. If you are interested in meeting Marla in person, she and Peter Christensen will be coming to MAPG 2014.

Craft Coat by Eco Advance - thanks to Michael Hardin (CrashMPH) - representative of Craft Coat - who is donating a prize pack of three 6 oz bottles of Craft Coat, one of each of the finishes (gloss, semi-gloss, and satin). Please visit Eco Advance for more information. - Mike Redburn (mredburn) donated a custom solid silver roller ball pen kit complete with tubes, bushings and elegant box. Please visit for more information.

Wildwood Designs - Thanks to Eric Goertz (BangleGuy) for donating a bangle kit consisting of a size 8 stainless steel metal core, a stabilized Afzelia wood blank and a tube of glue. Please visit Wildwood Designs for more information.

Smitty's Pen Works - Thanks to Leroy Smith (Smitty37) for sending 2 packages of Le Roi Elegant, 2 packages of Le Roi Elegant Royale and one package of 5 Classic Vintage Fountain Pen Kits.

Six Le Roi Elegants in each package

  • - 2 Le Roi Elegant
  • - 2 Le Roi Elegant LB
  • - 2 Le Roi Elegant Click

Three Le Roi Elegant Royale in each Package

  • - 1 Rhodium finish
  • - 1 Gold Tn Finish
  • - 1 Gun Metal finish

The total is 23 Kits. Retail Value at Single Kit prices is around $150 to $175 or so. Please visit Smitty's Pen Works for more details.

Jessie Somers - Marla Mills sent us an update from fellow partner, Jessie Somers of Classic Nib. Marla will have 3 Blank Canvas pen blanks painted by Jessie Somers to donate to the MAPG. The first blank is a Geisha and fits a Sierra Twist, the second is a koi with cherry blossoms, it fits a full size Gentleman or Emperor. The third blank is a mountain scene with a bald eagle flying and it fits a Sierra Twist. Please visit Classic Nib for more information about Jessie Somers.

Gary Nicholls - Thank you to Gary Nicholls (CaptG) for donating a Sierra Betty Boop watch blank, a Vertex carbon fiber pen blank, a Vertex Click carbon fiber pen blank, a Bolt Action carbon fiber pen blank, a Zen carbon fiber pen blank, and a 2nd Ammendment cartridge pen blank. Please visit Exotic Blanks for more information.

Iowacobb Supplies - Thank you to Tim McGill (iowacobb) for donating 6 natural bamboo, 6 caramel color bamboo and 4 corn cob blanks. Please visit Iowacobb Supplies for more details.

TurnTex Woodworks - Thanks to Curtis Seebeck (MesquiteMan) for donating 3 one quart containers of Cactus Juice Stabilizing Resin. Please visit for details.

Squidwood Handicraft - Brett Ransom (hard hat) and Bryan Meissner (MeissnerBryan) donated two large bags of miscellaneous pen blanks which were split up into seven door prize packages. Please visit Squidwood Handicraft for more information.

Eric's Bullets & Blanks - Thank you to Eric Rasmussen (Sylvanite) for donating two packages of four marbled alumilite blanks! Please visit Exotic Blanks for more information.


Classic Nib - Roy and Dee Robaldo (OKLAHOMAN) - featuring vendors Marla Mills, Keith Henning, and more...

Richard L. Greenwald LLC - Richard and Betsy Greenwald (penmaker56 and MrsPenMaker56) - offers pen parts that we bring in from SCHMIDT® or we manufacture ourselves, and hand-colored and hand-cast plastics in both PR and FLEXIGRAN.

Fred Wissen Designs LLC - Fred and Tina Wissen (PTownSubbie and MrsPTownSubbie) - silicone casting molds, CNC engraved cartridges, polymer clay blanks, and various acrylic and cholla cactus blanks.

Jonathon and Shea Brooks (Brooks803 and brookswife803) - plethora of blanks for sale to cater to the kit and custom pen makers of the world.

Arizona Silhouette - Barry Gross (2bgross) - the source for eye candy!

Representative for Craft Coat - Michael Hardin (CrashMPH) - Craft Coat is a waterborne linseed oil modified wood finish made by Eco Advance.

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