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FACEBOOK is like a going to a pub or backyard picnic, sharing friendly and informal conversations. The algorithm for Facebook (EdgeRank) determines the importance of a status update. The more comments a status update receives, the higher its EdgeRank. The higher the EdgeRank, the higher that update is placed in news feeds. In addition, Facebook will display that update to more people. This means getting comments should be your goal with your status updates.

Getting Started on Facebook

Create a personal account:

How do I convert my personal account to a Facebook Page?

Creating a Business Page (separate from your personal account):

Increasing Content Productivity

To engage followers and get more comments, tailor your status updates to ask for your fans' opinions, stories and even advice. The comments will float your post to the top of your fans' news feeds, giving more fans the opportunity to interact.

Tips for #hashtags on Facebook

  • - Use tags to create awareness and engagement for specific marketing campaigns such as contests or product sales.
  • - Use common terms such as #socialmedia in your hashtags to increase post dialogue and visibility.
  • - Search for hashtags being used by your customers, competitors and partners to find keywords and conversations you can participate in.

Interesting Facts about Facebook:

  • - Facebook users are more trusting than others
  • - Facebook users have more close relationships
  • - Internet users get more support from their social ties and Facebook users get the most support
  • - Facebook users are much more politically engaged than most people
  • - Facebook revives "dormant" relationships

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Daniel Maloney (Band Saw Box)

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Mid-Atlantic Penturners Gathering

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Woodcraft of Richmond

American Association of Woodturners

Arizona Silhouette (2bgross)

Carolina Pen Company - Jonathon Brooks (Brooks803)

Classic Nib (OKLAHOMAN)

Richard L. Greenwald (penmaker56)

Shaw Pens (ashaw)

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