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Mid-Atlantic Penturners Gathering 2016

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2015 MAPG "Door Prize" Donations:

Thank you to all our Sponsors for their donations. We appreciate all those who donated for MAPG 2015!

Sponsor: Eric Rasmussen (Sylvanite) of Erasmus Pens - Canon SX 160 Camera and Easy Turning Pen Tool

Sponsor: Barry Gross (2bgross) of Arizona Silhouette - $50 Gift Certificate and 10% off coupon to MAPG 2015 attendees on May 1 & 2

Sponsor: Berea Hardwoods - $50 Gift Certificate and 5 Atrax Pen Kits

Sponsor: Fred Wissen (PTownSubbie) & Tina Wissen (MrsPTownSubbie) of Fred Wissen Designs LLC - $50 Gift Certificate

Sponsor: Roy Robaldo (OKLAHOMAN) of Classic Nib

Roy Robalo - Milescraft Pen Press Roy Robaldo - Pen Display Case

$100 Gift Certificate

Sponsor: Perry Bridges (papaturner)

Perry's Pen Blanks Perry's Pen Blanks

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