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Mid-Atlantic Penturners Gathering 2016

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Planning Committee Bruce Robbins John Penberthy Philip Duffy & Carol Zak Fred & Tina Wissen
IAP Names BRobbins629 JPPensPlus PhilipF PTownSubbie MrsPTownSubbie
Main Roles Demo Manager Set-up Registration Door Prizes / Promotions

The concept for the first annual Mid-Atlantic Penturners Gathering is attributed to the IAP local chapter members of Richmond Penturners - who meet every second Thursday (odd months only) @ 7pm at the Woodcraft of Richmond.

  • Bruce Robbins (BRobbins629) - manages the planning and event venue and is a main contact for demonstrators and vendors. Bruce retired in 2013 after a long career developing new products for several industries including many items commonly used in household and commercial kitchens. A long time woodworker, he began making pens in 2005 and is fascinated with all the potential materials, designs, techniques and equipment that can be incorporated into such a small palette.

  • John Penberthy (JPPensPlus) - helps with set-up of the event venue.

  • Phillip Duffy (PhilipF) - manages the registration table during the event. Phillip has 22 years of wood turning experience and 6 years of pens work. He works in woods and antler. He is constantly experimenting with different finishes. Philip spent 31 years as a Naval Aviator and achieved Flag Officer rank.

  • Carol Zak - assists with registration on the day of the event.

  • Meg Turner (Meg Turner) - provides hospitality to our vendors and demonstrators during the event.

They are joined by IAP members of the Hampton Roads Penturners Virginia Chapter, who meet every second Saturday (odd months only) @ 9:30am at the Woodcraft of Virginia Beach / Norfolk.

  • Fred Wissen (PTownSubbie) is the door prize contact, helps with vendor contacts, and has demonstrated casting and stabilization at various venues including MAPG. Fred retired from the Navy in December of 2013 after 28 years of service and is now working as a program manager for AECOM. Fred began woodworking as a hobby in 2004 making solid wood furniture and pens for friends and family. Tapping into his engineering background, Fred provides custom design handcrafted molds to pour your own polyester resin and other casted pen blanks seen online at and MAPG.

  • Tina Wissen (MrsPTownSubbie) of helps with door prizes, promotions, and website. Tina has worked in various fields of retail business for over 20 years and has specifically marketed pens and supplies since 2009. She recently completed a business degree in 2013 and shared how to use social media to sell pens and pen products during the "Marketing your Pens" Panel Discussion at the 2014 MAPG.


Cody Walker (Cwalker935) - Cody will be joining the MAPG 2016 committee to manage the contests. He lives in an empty nest located in the extreme Southwest corner of Hanover County, Va. with his bride of 33 plus years. Cody is soon to be a desperate and destitute turner since both his daughters have recently gotten engaged and are actively planning weddings. He started turning approximately 3 years ago after buying a handcrafted pencil and deciding that he wanted to learn to make one. Cody loves to try new things and enjoys casting labels, embedded objects, stamps, etc. He also enjoys turning bowls, ornaments, etc.

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